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In recent years we have found that the internet provides very powerful advertising for all types of business. We now offer our website services to a wider area of the business community, who in turn offer their services throughout the United Kingdom and in some cases world wide.

Premier32 offers the complete website package to all customers, for any type of business or organisation.

Rather than build it and leave it, we will design the website, create the website, search engine optimise (SEO) the website and maintain the website. It is a 'shop window' for each business and we believe it must be kept fully up to date and relevant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have created and maintain many client websites, seen here on our links page


The cost for Premier32 to design, create, seo, host and maintain your website is very straightforward and very competitive for the service we provide.

Our pricing is as follows:

  • A one off set up fee of between £250 and £500, depending on what is involved, paid in advance. This is to design and create the website from information you supply to the stage where it goes live on the internet.
  • A yearly hosting fee, currently £36. This covers internet charges e.g. domain names, web space, hosting etc.
  • A monthly fee from £25 which depends on the size and activity of the website. This includes updates to the website e.g. text changes, news updates, new pictures and generally anything to keep the website current. The monthly charge begins once the website goes live on the internet.
  • Further charges may be incurred subject to the client's website requirements. Examples of extra charges include adding PayPal or videos to the website, or updates which require a significant amount of time, when an hourly rate of £25 will be charged.
  • The cost you pay includes basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work required to give you a visible website on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • To terminate a client website Premier32 requires 3 months paid written notice. Websites can be removed immediately or at any time during the 3 months notice period.
  • Terms and Conditions can be found here.

To contact Premier, please telephone Bournemouth 01202 _298871 or e-mail